First Kingdom

Tim Alexander

Fiction Philosophy History



So I wanted to write a story about the past. That is very early beginnings of our civilization; how things were first formed, things that shape our life even today; traditions, religion, spirituality, politics, power and reflection of truth. Before, I started my story two things changed the time and location of where it all started. Following will give you an indication to base my facts about the location and time. First, in 1999 Titanic discoverer Robert Ballard identified an ancient shoreline about 168m below current Black Sea level. Radio carbon dating of the shells obtained showed the artefacts were 7,500 years old. However carbon dating of items that stayed in water could have variations errors of several hundred years when large amount of time is concerned. A year after Ballard discovered again off northern coast of Turkey 95m under sea level the remains of a single building with wooden branches and a hewn beam that formed the walls and roof of a structure, most likely a house. The findings were made possible due to unique oxygen free nature of dept of Black Sea waters that preserved the artifacts. Second factor is the language or more accurately scientific study of languages; Linguistics. Linguistic goes back to study the roots of the languages. So literally if two languages have similar linguistic roots there is a good probability that people that speak the same root linguistic languages share a common history. Most main European languages including Italian, German, French, Russian and English and in Asia Persian and Hindu share linguistic characters and they belong to Indo European language group. So, they should have a common ancestry. Now, the most recent theories about indo European languages are that they originated from Eastern Anatolia. The only problem I see with this theory is that there is no reason for people to migrate to very different destinations. When people migrate they often times take regular routes. The only other plausible explanation is that a natural disaster would have caused people to disperse to very different locations as it would be happening when a group runs a way from a disaster. Old writings of Sumerian’s Gilgamesh epic and Old Testament have stories about a big flood. Though, I needed a more scientific proof. Above findings provided that to me. These two clues led me to believe that there was a gigantic flood into where we call Black Sea today and the civilization that lived in that area mostly perished and the survivors migrated to different destinations depending on where they were at the time of the flood.


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