Sinclair Lewis




The book is a satire of American culture, society, and behavior. The hero named Babbitt, a middle-aged partner, with his father-in-law, works in a real-estate firm. He slowly develops dissatisfaction with capitalism. He goes into the forays of nonconformity. Babbitt slowly becomes aware that his adventure with nonconformity is not only futile but also destructive of the life and the friends he once loved. The book is a well-written and early critique of capitalism. The foresight of author is important, since it was written well before the big market crash and great depression. Author describes the heroes job as follows: “nothing in particular, neither butter nor shoes nor poetry,” but that he is “nimble in the calling of selling houses for more than people could afford to pay.” It was a best seller at the time and thru time still remained popular.


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